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Daily Pic 86 : A house / castle in Palermo



Well, it's Saturday and I have an itch. I'm allergic to something in my environment (well at least that's what the doc reckons)... and it's beginning to annoy me. Hopefully it will clear up soon. I'm moving apartment again on Sunday... maybe the next one will be less toxic!

Chris and I are going for brunch at Oui Oui today, as soon as he's ready. Last night we had a quiet bite to eat with Nikki and then a quiet drink at Sitges. Only a brief one!

Today I need to pack up my belongings. I seem to have so much stuff now! I'm meeting the agent at the new apartment at 11. I'm quite looking forward to it, although slightly apprehensive about living alone. We'll see how that goes.

Daily Pic 85 : La Boca


A Test

So, I ought to be studying! I have a test tomorrow. I am the worst in the class. I think going back to school after such a long break at the middle of a level was maybe not such a great idea! Oh well. I'm going to have to cram a bit tonight I think. Hopefully I can do okay!

A record

I think this is possibly the longest gap between posts... things seem to have been hectic, although I don't know why.

I'm back at school now, hoping to learn some more. I reckon I'll do another 6 weeks or so... we'll see. It's been two days so far and so far so good. I have a test on Friday so need to study for that.

Daily Pic 84 : Downtown


Hello & Goodbye

Mom leaves tonight. Her flight is at 22.50. Last night we had a farewell dinner at Los Loros in San Telmo. Delicious food and I really like the atmosphere there. It's calm and tranquil.

Jason arrived this morning. He's staying with us until Monday when he heads up North. Once he had arrived this morning we went to lunch in Palermo, then Mum and I went to Alto Palermo, she wanted some last minute gifts.

Then I had a nap. We'll be heading out to the airport shortly.

Daily Pic 83 : The French Embassy


Why in boats

Why do people feel compelled to wave to people in boats?

I went to Tigre again yesterday. Mom and I went for lunch. It was consistently pleasant, quieter than it has been. I guess all the local folk are down in Mar del Plata. While enjoying the boat trip to the restaurant people waved from passing boats and the shore. Why do they do that? No one waves at me when I'm walking down Avenida Santa Fe.... what is it about boats that makes people feel that waving is okay?

Daily Pic 82 : Facultad de Ingeniera


It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Well, it's my birthday today. 35 long years. I celebrated last night. I started by going to dinner with my mother, Chris and Alejandro. Then the kids went to Sitges where we were joined by some other folk.. all lovely. Followed by dancing at Amerika. It was great fun.


Today... more touristy delights... La Boca in the morning, the most vile choripans ever! Then a stroll through Puerto Madero.

After that we strolled up into town. For the third time they were filming... they have been doing it for weeks now... always the same story... lots of cars with German number plates... fake petals everywhere. Today they had people... all standing in the road waiting for ACTION to be called.. then frantically acting like normal. It was clearly not supposed to be Buenos Aires. Everyone was dressed up and European looking... wintery.

Daily Pic 81 : La Boca



Wow, I'd heard the weather in Buenos Aires could change at the drop of a flip-flop but I never imagined it could be so dramatic. The past week has been unbearably hot, scorching, yesterday was the worst. Going out was almost impossible, still wet heat. Then around 20.00 the wind started... suddenly gales force winds howled around the apartment building. Within an hour the temp had dropped at least 10 degrees! This morning it's actually chilly! I'm still going to wear shorts, but it's a dramatic shift from yesterday.

Last night I went to Ambar with Alejandro... a pleasant night indeed.

Daily Pic 80 : Animal Planet


Hot and hotter

It's hot! It's really hot, around 37 degrees c. Poor mother and I are struggling a bit, it has limited our options. Bog standard sight seeing isn't really possible. It's hot from the start of the day and doesn't cool down! Yesterday we took the opportunity to visit a shopping mall... a gorgeous, bland, air conditioned mall. We went to Abasto and shopped. Having gained confidence we tried to do some more shopping in Palermo, but that didn't work... we ended up having lunch as Quimbombó. It was too hot to sit outside.

Today has been a lazy day. Mom has stayed in, she also has a bit of a cold, which doesn't help. I went and had a haircut and then to check out where I'll be moving to in February. Then I met Chris at Alto Palermo and we looked at the shops. He was struggling to find something to buy me for my birthday. I was more than happy to help. I got a nice pair of shorts which I am planning on wearing out tonight! To a club! It's that kind of weathe…

Daily Pic 79 : Flag monument, Rosario



We're back from Rosario. It was a fun trip. We had a great time. It's a very gracious and elegant city, with a totally different vibe from Buenos Aires. We spent most of the time walking around, looking at the sites and taking in the city.

On the way back we were briefly delayed by a road block. Nothing major but a delay of about 40 mins.


I´m in Rosario, a charming and delightful city. Yesterday we visited the OTT flag memorial. Huge. I´ll post some pics as soon as I get back to Buenos Aires.

Daily Pic 78 : A fox


Daily Pic 77 : Lovers and Fuckers

Like there's a difference.

Daily Pic 76 : Recoleta Cemetary



Mother arrived safely on Wednesday evening. Seems the flight and all the connections were okay. No major incidents.

She arrived at about 22.00. We spent the evening eating cold chicken and chatting on the balcony. Then on Thursday we just strolled around Palermo Viejo looking at the shops and enjoyed lunch at Mott. All very pleasant. Then today we went into town on the bus. We got off at Plaza San Martin and strolled down Florida (well I say strolled... marched, so many people) to Plaza de Mayo and to the pink house. Everyone is resting now.

We are going out for dinner tonight.

Daily Pic 75 : Callao, Communist Party



Well mother arrives tonight... I'm preparing.

Yesterday was a blissful day really. I had a swim in the morning, something I've not really taken advantage of while living in this apartment. It was very pleasant indeed. Then I went to look at a couple of other apartments, I need to move in February. I looked at two in the same building in Recoleta. Very nice indeed.

After a spot of lunch, I went and sat in a coffee shop and did some Spanish studying, I'm trying to get back into it before I resume school in Feb.

In the afternoon I did some laundry, more Spanish, this time sitting in the garden, then I went out an met Alejandro for some food and we watched a DVD. Hedwig. I forgot how much I enjoyed that film.

Daily Pic 74 : Subte Map

Today was relaxing

A lazy weekend

It's been a blissfully lazy weekend!

On Saturday I was admin-tastic... writing overdue emails, working out my budget for January, finalising plans for Rosario... you name it, I got it done.

On Saturday morning,I took a stroll down to Plaza Serrano... so many tourists. I haven't heard so much English spoken since I left London. I sat in a café, enjoyed coffee and medialunas and tried to study some Spanish. Alejandro has lent me some short stories that are written in Spanish but with the corresponding Spanish on the opposite page. They are cool, although it's very slow going!

In the afternoon I went to Jumbo. I was looking for pesto sauce and wasn't happy with the options at Disco. Jumbo had many options! All good.

On Sunday Alejandro and I went to the nature reserve and sat by the river for a little. I lathered on the sun cream, it was very hot indeed. In the evening we watched a DVD and relaxed. All very nice.

Today, I am lunching with Mia and hopefully studying a bit more …

Daily Pic 73 : Lord help us, another one!

Spotted this in Palermo today, near Serrano Square. Further contamination.


The Dakar Rally is in South America. It kicked off in Buenos Aires today! I'd kind of forgotten. I went with Chris to Retiro Terminal de Autobus, I needed to pick up bus tickets to Rosario. The roads were blocked and there were people all down the Avenues, waiting for the cars. On the way back from Retiro I tried to get a colectivo but the routes were disrupted. After waiting for about 15 mins, a toothless lady, with perfect English, suggested that the bus might not be coming.

So, I took a glorious evening stroll through Recoleta. It was very pleasant indeed.

When I crossed 9 de Julio I came across more crowds and this time I saw some of the cars passing. When they stopped at the lights all the people standing around jumped in front to pose for photos. One kid was very reluctant to pose, but his father insisted.

The next phase

The sun is shining again, it was weirdly cold last night and yesterday... but we're back on track today. Bright sunny day. New Year has come and gone.

Chris is heading out to Neuquen tonight for a few days, so I'll be home alone. It will be quite strange to be in an empty apartment after the past couple of weeks of Mrs C and Helen being here. I am going to go out to Retiro with him tonight to buy tickets for my trip to Rosario, seems easier to just go there and buy them myself.

Today, I went for a stroll and then met Mia and some friends of hers for lunch. Her friends are living in Paraguay working for the Peace Corp which was quite interesting. Now I am back home, I have a bunch of admin to do, emails to write etc. It's non stop excitement.

Not sure what I'll do tonight, probably stay in and have a quiet night.

Daily Pic 72 : Bomberos


New Year

Well it's a new year, one wonders what this year will bring. Good things I hope.

We celebrated New Year's Eve like this. The format for the city was pretty much the same as it was for Christmas Eve... not much open until after midnight, everyone celebrating with their families and friends before going out.

Our friend Nicky came over at around 10 and we had a glass of champagne before heading into Palermo to meet up with the Dutch friends, Elserieke and Rienk. They had a couple of friends here on holiday. We met at Sugar (again) and saw the New Year in there. It was quite low key, but kind of fun. Loads of fireworks out on the street which were fun.

A couple hours later we went to Sitges... it was quiet when we go there (around 2) but filled up pretty quickly and was packed. Alejandro arrived and we all boogied a bit. All in all a very pleasant New Year's Eve.