New Year

Well it's a new year, one wonders what this year will bring. Good things I hope.

We celebrated New Year's Eve like this. The format for the city was pretty much the same as it was for Christmas Eve... not much open until after midnight, everyone celebrating with their families and friends before going out.

Our friend Nicky came over at around 10 and we had a glass of champagne before heading into Palermo to meet up with the Dutch friends, Elserieke and Rienk. They had a couple of friends here on holiday. We met at Sugar (again) and saw the New Year in there. It was quite low key, but kind of fun. Loads of fireworks out on the street which were fun.

A couple hours later we went to Sitges... it was quiet when we go there (around 2) but filled up pretty quickly and was packed. Alejandro arrived and we all boogied a bit. All in all a very pleasant New Year's Eve.


Happy New Year!! With lots of love from us both in gloomy cold London. David xxx