Well, it's Saturday and I have an itch. I'm allergic to something in my environment (well at least that's what the doc reckons)... and it's beginning to annoy me. Hopefully it will clear up soon. I'm moving apartment again on Sunday... maybe the next one will be less toxic!

Chris and I are going for brunch at Oui Oui today, as soon as he's ready. Last night we had a quiet bite to eat with Nikki and then a quiet drink at Sitges. Only a brief one!

Today I need to pack up my belongings. I seem to have so much stuff now! I'm meeting the agent at the new apartment at 11. I'm quite looking forward to it, although slightly apprehensive about living alone. We'll see how that goes.


Justin said…
Hope the itch went away.

Living alone is great as you do what you want ... but do make friends with the neighbours in case you need emergency help.

Jus xo