Hot and hotter

It's hot! It's really hot, around 37 degrees c. Poor mother and I are struggling a bit, it has limited our options. Bog standard sight seeing isn't really possible. It's hot from the start of the day and doesn't cool down! Yesterday we took the opportunity to visit a shopping mall... a gorgeous, bland, air conditioned mall. We went to Abasto and shopped. Having gained confidence we tried to do some more shopping in Palermo, but that didn't work... we ended up having lunch as Quimbombó. It was too hot to sit outside.

Today has been a lazy day. Mom has stayed in, she also has a bit of a cold, which doesn't help. I went and had a haircut and then to check out where I'll be moving to in February. Then I met Chris at Alto Palermo and we looked at the shops. He was struggling to find something to buy me for my birthday. I was more than happy to help. I got a nice pair of shorts which I am planning on wearing out tonight! To a club! It's that kind of weather.

The issue I have with shorts is what shoes. I have thin legs and big feet. Anything other than flip flops (not an option at a club) looks silly, but I'm going for comfort, not style tonight.