The next phase

The sun is shining again, it was weirdly cold last night and yesterday... but we're back on track today. Bright sunny day. New Year has come and gone.

Chris is heading out to Neuquen tonight for a few days, so I'll be home alone. It will be quite strange to be in an empty apartment after the past couple of weeks of Mrs C and Helen being here. I am going to go out to Retiro with him tonight to buy tickets for my trip to Rosario, seems easier to just go there and buy them myself.

Today, I went for a stroll and then met Mia and some friends of hers for lunch. Her friends are living in Paraguay working for the Peace Corp which was quite interesting. Now I am back home, I have a bunch of admin to do, emails to write etc. It's non stop excitement.

Not sure what I'll do tonight, probably stay in and have a quiet night.