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A jolly week part 2

On Tuesday night Chris and I went to Sudestada for dinner. It's a lovely place. I enjoyed the pork ribs and Chris had a beef curry. We steered away from the oh-so-hot starter we had last time. It was very pleasant as the restaurant wasn't packed for a change. After dinner we took a lovely stroll through Palermo Hollywood before heading home.

The rest of the week has really been spent relaxing and sitting by the pool in Chris' building, although yesterday we did that and managed to lock ourselves out. The thing about Argentime apartment buildings is that you need a key to get out! Chris had an appointment at the Physio so we needed to leave and his landlady (with the spare key) wasn't answering her phone. So we had to knock on a random door and ask the man to let us out. He was terribly helpful.

We've also been planning our little trip. The rough plan is: Saturday we head to Montevideo for two nights and then up to Punta del Este for three more. One night back in Buen…

A jolly week

It's been quite a jolly week so far. I have enjoyed not getting up early for school although I have missed it in a way. At least I don't feel like a dunce the whole time!

On Monday Chris and I went out for a drink at Unico in Palermo Hollywood. It's a sweet little bar / restaurant. We had a quiet chat and a few nibbles. Then we headed over to KM Zero - I'm not really sure why. Well it was packed, and this was on a Monday. We were confused. It was also AR$25 to get in, which is more than usual. KM Zero is an interesting place... it's quite down at heal and frequented (amongst others) but some very unconventional types. But, it's good for a dance and they have drag shows every night.

Except they didn't on Monday. After a while the music stopped and everyone seemed congregated around the stage. Clearly something was up. Next thing, a lady with the biggest boobs I have ever seen appears and starts lip syncing (badly) to what appeared to be some classic Latino son…

Daily Pic 97 : Drinks Delivery

Spotted on this while walking in Palermo.

I'm back!

Well for a while at least. I am enjoying my first Monday in four weeks without having to wake up early for school. The last four weeks was really fun, seemed to go a lot quicker than the first stint at school. In this period I learnt the past tenses, although I am struggling to use them fluidly. I also learnt the simple future and th conditional, but again... no so easy to use. Now I need to practice practice practice.

I got 71 in the test on Friday, which is okay, not great but okay. I was feeling fine about it until the headteacher lady came into the class (for a different reason), patted me on the back and said, don't worry!

Last week, Chris hosted a wonderful Asado (braai) on his rooftop. His building has a great asado and pool area on the roof. About 14 people came and Chris cooked up a strom. As is typical in Buenos Aires... it was a late night. It was due to start at 20.30 but only really got going at around 10.30. I left at 02.30 (school the next day) and the remaining guest…

Busy Busy Busy

You'll have noticed I have been a little slow in posting lately... once the exam is over tomorrow I'll be back. I promise.

Daily Pic 96 : Bang Bang


Daily Pic 95 : Bulnes y Lavalle


The weekend

It's been quite a big weekend... thank goodness as last week was quite slow. On Thursday night Nikki and I went to The Shamrock - yes I know. Some school folk were going, although I didn't actually see any. It was jam packed full of people. We stayed a few hours and had a little dance, very pleasant.

On Friday, Chris returned to Buenos Aires. He came over for lunch and we chilled out. I had an gorgeous afternoon snooze. In the evening we went for dinner in Palermo and then met up with Nikki before heading to The Sub to meet Alejandro and some of his friends. It was a late night! Home at 7.

That of course meant that Saturday was a quiet one. Chris and I went to the cinema to see Valkyrie. Although it's really slow, I rather enjoyed it. After a snooze, I made dinner and we headed out to Pablo's birthday party at this funky bar called Klub Killer... it was amazing, really cool indeed. Later (3.30) we tried to go to Ambar but the queue was all the way around the block so we …

Daily Pic 94 : Doorway


Daily Pic 93 : Fruteria


Another week

I've decided to do another week at school. I was thinking of stopping again after this week... I'm not LOVING it, but there is a test at the end of next week and after that I am done. I might do some more private lessons but will have to see how the finances look.

My reason for doing the extra week.. although I'm not enjoying the classes and I'm the worst in the class (seriously, it's a disgrace) I am still learning quite a lot and am understanding people more. I also think that once I stop at the school, I will probably not go back before I leave BsAs (sniff sniff)... so should at least try to complete this level.

Daily Pic 92 : Graffiti

Taken at the Facultad de Medicina on my walk home yesterday.

I thought he was going to cry

So, read this : Argentina is short of cash - Literally
And it's true. There is a premium on coins. Countless times I have been undercharged or bullied into over-tipping to save giving coins as change. The thing is that I need coins, for the bus, and more critically I need 1 peso coins for the washing machine. So, it's a game... buying things at a price that leave room for a one peso coin and making sure to give the right amount of money to improve the chances of getting the invaluable 1 peso. I have discovered that the Asian supermarket across the road seems to have an endless supply and I am usually able to ensure a coin in my change. Try that at Coto or Disco and you have no hope in hell.
So today I popped into my local store to buy some vegetable for my salad this evening (to enjoy with the never ending lasagne). Now, the vegetable area seems to be a different store within a store and in fact it was not attended by an asian person, in fact it was a small Argentine boy, around…

Daily Pic 91 : Parking Garage


Daily Pic 90 : Summer in the sky


I made lasagne

I'm not a cook. I can barely manage the basics. It's been a slow weekend and so I decided to stop being a wimp and try something a little more adventurous. So I cooked a lasagne and it was delicious. I'll be eating it for days though... I need a smaller dish. What's next?

I have to confess, the picture on the packet of lasagne pasta didn't represent much of a challenge to make something more appetising. Plastic cheese, ham... an Argentine staple I'm afraid. Mine was better.

Last night was pleasant enough, hung out with Alej and we watched some telly and relaxed. All very nice and calm.

Chris is no Nuequen this week.

Good and clean and fresh tra la la

This morning I was a domestic goddess. I was up early and did all my laundry, linen included and had it hanging on the balcony by 10.

This afternoon and I went and met a guy from school at a pub to watch England and Italy play rugby in the 6 Nations. Not something I would ordinarily do but it was fun. Nikki came down too and we watched the Ireland / France game. When I say watched, I mean were in the pub while it was happening. There was quite a big group of Irish folk for their match and a few folk from France.

Then I had a nap and did the dishes etc. All very domestic and calm. Not sure what to do tonight, Alejandro wants to meet up for a coffee in a little bit so I'll do that but might go out with Nikki or the Dutchies later... who can say.

Daily Pic 89 : Queues in Coto


Bye Bye Jason

Last night was Jason's last night in Buenos Aires. We went out for dinner again. This time we went low key and went to 1810 for some regional cooking. I have lentejas again, Jason had the locro and Chris had some sort of meat pie thing. All very delicious indeed.

School is going quite well, I have a new teacher this week and the class is very small, only 3 of us. I have paid for one more week, but think I might stay another one and complete the level at least. We will see. I am totally the worst in the class but I don't care too much.

Daily Pic 88 : Trees on Honduras


Daily Pic 87 : Renovations in Palermo Hollywood


and we're back

Well, I'd read that the city empties in January and I didn't really believe it... and I didn't really notice it. Well, I guess things seemed a little quieter. Then today I was taken by how busy BsAs is! All of a sudden it's February and everyone (well a lot of people) are back. I wonder if Mar del Plata experienced the opposite. The tube was busy, I was dodging people on the pavement. I guess before I had taken the quietness for granted!