The Dakar Rally is in South America. It kicked off in Buenos Aires today! I'd kind of forgotten. I went with Chris to Retiro Terminal de Autobus, I needed to pick up bus tickets to Rosario. The roads were blocked and there were people all down the Avenues, waiting for the cars. On the way back from Retiro I tried to get a colectivo but the routes were disrupted. After waiting for about 15 mins, a toothless lady, with perfect English, suggested that the bus might not be coming.

So, I took a glorious evening stroll through Recoleta. It was very pleasant indeed.

When I crossed 9 de Julio I came across more crowds and this time I saw some of the cars passing. When they stopped at the lights all the people standing around jumped in front to pose for photos. One kid was very reluctant to pose, but his father insisted.


Justin said…
That poor child! Looks very unhappy. Jus xo