Good and clean and fresh tra la la

This morning I was a domestic goddess. I was up early and did all my laundry, linen included and had it hanging on the balcony by 10.

This afternoon and I went and met a guy from school at a pub to watch England and Italy play rugby in the 6 Nations. Not something I would ordinarily do but it was fun. Nikki came down too and we watched the Ireland / France game. When I say watched, I mean were in the pub while it was happening. There was quite a big group of Irish folk for their match and a few folk from France.

Then I had a nap and did the dishes etc. All very domestic and calm. Not sure what to do tonight, Alejandro wants to meet up for a coffee in a little bit so I'll do that but might go out with Nikki or the Dutchies later... who can say.