A jolly week

It's been quite a jolly week so far. I have enjoyed not getting up early for school although I have missed it in a way. At least I don't feel like a dunce the whole time!

On Monday Chris and I went out for a drink at Unico in Palermo Hollywood. It's a sweet little bar / restaurant. We had a quiet chat and a few nibbles. Then we headed over to KM Zero - I'm not really sure why. Well it was packed, and this was on a Monday. We were confused. It was also AR$25 to get in, which is more than usual. KM Zero is an interesting place... it's quite down at heal and frequented (amongst others) but some very unconventional types. But, it's good for a dance and they have drag shows every night.

Except they didn't on Monday. After a while the music stopped and everyone seemed congregated around the stage. Clearly something was up. Next thing, a lady with the biggest boobs I have ever seen appears and starts lip syncing (badly) to what appeared to be some classic Latino songs. Everyone went wild, millions of cameras, lots of screaming. It became evident that she was someone special. Despite her status with the crowd, she was terrible. Fat, confused looking, I'm not entirely sure she knew where she was or what she was doing there.

Chris and I stayed for half an hour of the show and we left. On the way out we spoke to a tranny at the door and asked who this lady was. Lia, she told us, very famous from 90s, muy fabulosa! Well, there you have it. Chris has subsequently found out that she is called Lia Crucet. Doing a quick search on google images it would appear that perhaps she is past her prime and considering the number of has-beens that I have stood through at G.A.Y. in London, I can't really pass judgement on the locals getting down with her!