I'm back!

Well for a while at least. I am enjoying my first Monday in four weeks without having to wake up early for school. The last four weeks was really fun, seemed to go a lot quicker than the first stint at school. In this period I learnt the past tenses, although I am struggling to use them fluidly. I also learnt the simple future and th conditional, but again... no so easy to use. Now I need to practice practice practice.

I got 71 in the test on Friday, which is okay, not great but okay. I was feeling fine about it until the headteacher lady came into the class (for a different reason), patted me on the back and said, don't worry!

Last week, Chris hosted a wonderful Asado (braai) on his rooftop. His building has a great asado and pool area on the roof. About 14 people came and Chris cooked up a strom. As is typical in Buenos Aires... it was a late night. It was due to start at 20.30 but only really got going at around 10.30. I left at 02.30 (school the next day) and the remaining guests left at 04.30! Poor Chris. It was fun though

Other things that happened last week:

* Janer and Chris came over for lasagne on Monday night.
* Chris and I went to watch "Milk" - I enjoyed it more than I expected I would.
* Nikki left on Saturday. Friday night we went out to The Shamrock and to Club Aroaz (Brandon Party) to say goodbye! :) GOODBYE NIKKI.
* Yesterday I met the lovely Mia for what was supposed to be coffee, ended up being coffee and two beers... all divine.
* Chris and I went to Sitges last night for about an hour... we weren't really into it.

Now, my darlings... you are up to date. Well also... I'm going away for two weeks on Saturday. I'll carry on posting but it might be (more) intermittent... Don't panic.