The weekend

It's been quite a big weekend... thank goodness as last week was quite slow. On Thursday night Nikki and I went to The Shamrock - yes I know. Some school folk were going, although I didn't actually see any. It was jam packed full of people. We stayed a few hours and had a little dance, very pleasant.

On Friday, Chris returned to Buenos Aires. He came over for lunch and we chilled out. I had an gorgeous afternoon snooze. In the evening we went for dinner in Palermo and then met up with Nikki before heading to The Sub to meet Alejandro and some of his friends. It was a late night! Home at 7.

That of course meant that Saturday was a quiet one. Chris and I went to the cinema to see Valkyrie. Although it's really slow, I rather enjoyed it. After a snooze, I made dinner and we headed out to Pablo's birthday party at this funky bar called Klub Killer... it was amazing, really cool indeed. Later (3.30) we tried to go to Ambar but the queue was all the way around the block so we decided to call it a night and head home. Thank goodness!

No major plans for today, going to take it easy I think.