Sucre in Buenos Aires

12042009659Okay, so since, I've been here I've been wanting to go to Sucre. It's considered by many as the place to go. "The" restaurant of the moment. I was disappointed.

The design and ambiance of Sucre is gorgeous, all concrete and brutalist, sadly it's a bit of a tired design and is almost becoming the norm for restaurants of this nature. The huge bar that everyone raves about is gorgeous and very big, but that's kind of it, just a big old backlit bar with lots of colourful bottles, you can see that in so many places in Buenos Aires and anywhere in the world.

The cockroach walking up the wall next to our table was a particular delight and at times the service was so slow I was tempted to see if he could take out dessert order.

The menu was varied and covered a lot more than just steak. However, I had the Ojo de Bife (Rib eye) and it was kind of gross. Ribeye steak varies dramatically and I would have thought ordering one in a restaurant of this calibre would have been a safe bet. It was stringey and tough and a large part of it inedible. The person I was dining with had the same problem with his.

Our desserts, when they finally arrived were good.

At the end of the meal, getting 40 pesos change was tiresome with three staff members rattling through a little tin money box for what felt like a lifetime. Logistics somehow incompatible with the restaurant's ambition, stated in it's design and boldness.


Conor said…
Do you feel like it thinks it can charge a bit more for that cahce of cool it has developed? That place and its sister place Gran Bar Danzon I feel think it can get away with charging high prices for mediocre food.
But I do love the layout of Sucre. I've always wanted to go and see whats it like in 'the bunker'!
Andrew Owen said…
Yeah, I guess you are paying for the cache. I think I prefered Danzon to be honest, although for me it feels more Manhattan than BA.
Conor said…
You're right! Danzon screams Manhatan. Never thought of it that way until you said it. Im looking forward to going back to BA now and eating and drinking my way through the city