Last night I went to Standard in Palermo Hollywood for dinner and it was divine. I had the best pasta I've had in Buenos Aires, really delicious. It's also quite small and sweet, maybe a little too well lit, but gorgeous. It's odd that I have never gone there before now but will hopefully be able to squeeze in another visit before I leave.

This weekend has been quiet and slow, I have been working on my London photo blog, trying to work up a new template. I'm a bit thick with those things so it's taking a while.

Tonight, Chris and I are taking Janer (our Peruvian friend) out for dinner at a Peruvian restaurant. I have to confess I don't know what Peruvian food is like, but am interested to see. I suspect it will be quite an early night, which is a good thing!


Conor said…
Oh wow. What Peruvian restaurant are you going to?
Anonymous said…
I had the ribs at the standard at they were fantastic!!! Nikki