Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ølsen in Buenos Aires

Well Ølsen last night was great. It's in a stunning old warehouse with extremely tall ceilings and Scandinavian simplicity. The garden is a particular treat and a delight to enjoy when arriving.

The food was good, although I wouldn't say that best and possibly not worth the price, it's not cheap, but the sharing starters with mini vodka shots were very good.

After Ølsen, I came home and watched telly. I seem to becoming nocturnal.


Conor said...

How much is a general meal in Olsen these days? I always find restaurant prices a good gauge of how bad inflation is in BA.

Andrew Owen said...

well we each paid $120 (pesos). Which is a lot. We did have a few cocktails and postres... but still!

Conor said...

That is a lot. 120 pesos. It will be 3 years since I was last in BA when I return the month after next. Going out has doubled in price since then. I hope the vodka was good!

Andrew Owen said...

yeah, it's true. I've been three times... and it certainly gets more expensive each time. I'm not sure where you're from but it's still cheaper for eating out than London.

Bear in mind, I thought Olsen was pricey for what it was... normally for a similar standard of meal I wouldn't pay more than 90 pesos.

Conor said...

Yes. It's still a lot cheaper than in Dublin, which is where I am from. That's 24 euro. You would get a main and possibly if you're lucky a starter for somewhere slightly north in price than that. I think prices will stabilize now with the recession

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