What's the deal with cheese and ham?

So Argentines like cheese and ham, and so too do Uruguayans apparently. It's not unusual to go to a small restaurant to find 8 or so toasted sandwiches, all with ham and cheese and then something extra, lettuce, tomato... the world of endless choices. I find it quite annoying and amusing that ham and cheese are so fundamental to any light meal. Well, the meal on the bus trip from Montevideo to Cordoba was classic.

Ham and Cheese roll
Ham and Cheese swiss roll (yes, sweet rolled cake with ham and cheese)
Quiche with Ham and Cheese

I thought surely we've done all the ham and cheese we could possibly.
Ham and Cheese, breaded and deep fried!

My goodness, this was after two days of ham and cheese for breakfast at the hostel. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their plastic cheese and processed ham for the 4th time in one meal. I wanted to get up and shout "What's wrong with you!? Can't you see how strange this is?" But instead I ate it all...  When in Rome.


jillejill said…
just wanted you to know that your post made me laugh. i'm feeling the same. i often want to scream too. i'm worried that one day i might. thanks for the laugh.