She unfolds by Day

I love film festivals. They're just a different atmosphere in which to watch films, the titles are all selected or programmed and the audience all want to be there, for the love of film. The only downside to film festivals, particularly those focussed on independent cinema is that they can pick some duds. And one of gets the impression that no one knows or will admit when a film is a dud.

Tonight, I went to see "She Unfolds by Day" at BAFICI. It's an observational piece following the lives (well in reality one or two days) of a old woman suffering from alzheimers and her son's attempts to deal with her demise, juxtaposed with National Geographic style footage of wolves, bugs and spiders. Not a bad premise.

The problem is that it all feels terribly self indulgent. The actual amount of footage is small, it's played over and over again in non-linear arrangement. Considering the amount of actual material it would probably have made a great short film. As it stands it displays no respect for the audience and one can't help but feel it's been padded out to reach feature length.

There is a cute dog in it though.