Salta is a lovely town, it's quaint and cute, very charming indeed! I love it. Only wish the hotel's internet was better able to cope with my photo uploads. I think I'll have to wait until I'm back in Buenos Aires to upload the pics I'm taking.


Conor said…
Just out of curiosity how or with who did you book your Salta trip with? And is it far to the salt flats from Salta? I really wanna check it out when I am over in BA.
Andrew Owen said…
We went to Salta on the bus from Cordoba, although you can do it from BA too, it's about 19 hours though! You can book at Retiro Terminal de Omnibus or take a look at

The salt flats aren't too far... few hours drive. There are millions of agents selling trips in Salta so you can book that once you get there.