We're in Salta! Overnight bus from Corodoba. Yesterday we had a whole day before our bus was due to leave. So we decided to head to Villa Carlos Pez, a small town on a lake about 50 mins away. We had lunch down there and a stroll. It wasn't *that* interesting but I suspect is probably a lot of fun if you are engaging in water sports or camping.

The bus to Salta was uneventful, 12 hours. At first I wasn't able to sleep but eventually dozed off after watching some telly on my ipod first.

We arrived here at 7.30 (it's one hour behind) Cordoba, so we checked into a quaint little hotel (100 pesos a night - bargain). Had a snooze and now we are going to head out to explore the city and get some food.

Travelling is fun but it does offer it's own challenges, my personal trauma is the food. In BsAs we only eat one once or twice a week and when we do eat lunch out we are able to find places that serve varied food - like salads! I've always said in BsAs that it hardly ever happens that you stumble across a restaurant without planning to be there that is any good. I mean, unless you know something about a place, it's unlikely to be any good. There are so many restaurants with the same menu (Pizza, pasta and Parilla). Also, when in BsAs I can cook at home when I'm craving some variety. While on the road I don't have any such luxury. We have been to so many restaurants with the same bloody menu... always presented differently but ultimately the same.

However, I imagine a tourist in the UK might be entitled to feel the same. Every High Street with the same shops (Body Shop, Boots, Tesco Express) every pub serving the same food (sausages and mash, pies, burgers). Perhaps I have just grown used to a particular type of predictability, I'm sure I'll get used to it here too.