Punte del Este

Well, Punta del Este is beautiful. It's like a posh larger version of Umhlanga! The point is cool because there are beaches on either side, each within 200 metres. One with waves and one without. It's very cool indeed. I like it a lot.

We attived by bus from Montevideo and caught a taxi to the hostel. Sadly the hostel is quite a walk from town and cabs are not cheap like they are in BsAs. In fact Punta is more expensive in every way. After checking into the hostel we went down to the beach and had lunch in a little restaurant on the sand. Then a stroll along the water front to the point. All very pleasant.

In the evening we went out with two guys who are also staying in the hostel. We went for dinner in town and then visited the casino. We all managed to win, although I only won the equivalent of 10 pounds! I'm not a big gambler.

Today I think we'll head to the beach again and try to avoid spending money!