Protest against crime

Yesterday while I was taking a walk I came across a large protest in Plaza de Mayo. It was a demonstration against crime. It was interesting to witness, at first I didn't know what it was about but was aware that it felt different to the many other manifestations that take place all over the city.

It seemed very well organised, it was much bigger than anything I'd seen and the crowd were different. They all seemed middle and upper class, professional types who seemingly had popped down after work.

There were speakers whipping up the crowd, who in this case demonstrated their support with polite clapping. More here.


Conor said…
God the crime has gotten so bad in BA recently I hear. I was a victim of a robbery in Palermo Soho 3 years ago and I just hear it has become more prevalent recently. When you have Susana Giminez advocating for the death penalty you know something is wrong!