I´m in Uruguay, Montevideo. We came across on the ferry bright and early on Saturday morning. 7.30 to be exact. The crossing is three hours and was very uneventful indeed.

I´m reserving judgement about this city. People seem to love it so at this point, I´m assuming the reason I don´t is simply because I´ve missed something. We´re giving it another day before we head up the coast so we shall see.

I´m am blown away by the number of American tourists and they´re all so badly dressed. Our friend, Jamie suggested it might have something to with the giant cruise ships ominously moored in the harbour! I think he´s right.

We went into the old part of town yesterday to an area known for all it´s restaurants. My goodness... a huge warehouse basically stuffed to the rafters with parrillas! I have never seen so much meat being cooked. It was essentially homogenous and painfully boring. I think we might have to look further afield for variety in food.