Last two days in Punta

It's our last day in Punta and it's raining, cats and dogs, or should that be Gatos y Perros? It's tropical. So we are trapped indoors until we get a cab to the bus depot.

Yesterday we rented bikes and rode around, trying to explore some of the other beaches. The weather wasn't great so by the time we settled on a beach it was kind of cloudy and windy. We also had to pop into town to buy our bus tickets out of here... stopping at an ATM (cash only!).

In the evening, Chris and took a long stroll into town (this hostel is miles away) and had dinner next to the yachts. All very lovely and calm. I had fish, just seems appropriate when the ocean is 100m away. Now we are sitting waiting, either for the rain subside (unlikely) or time to pass (inevitable).