Last night Chris and I went out with some friends for dinner and drinks. We tried a new restaurant (well, it's not new but we'd not been before) called Dada in micro-centro. It had great reviews. It was a strange night... mixed.

I'd made a reservation for 4 people and when we arrived there was only one table for four free but it was reserved for some other people who had also arrived. The restaurant asked us to wait a few minutes as our table was about to clear... it didn't for an hour! I had to get really stroppy and was shocked by the manager's inability to do anything. He seemed really stressed and all he could say was, "I have two table that have paid but haven't left, what can I do?". In typical Buenos Aires fashion there is no rushing people along. Eventually the waitress, who is amazing asked the folk loitering at the one table to move to the bar. An annoying start, mainly because the rest of the experience was superb. The service great and the food fab. We did get a free round of drinks as compensation for the delay.

After dinner we went to Klub Killer for drinks... and then suddenly it was 5 in the morning and time to go home! Where does the time go?