Well Cordoba city is beautiful. I´m really impressed. It´s kind of
exactly what I had imagined but the reality of being here is something
different. Just walking around is amazing. Really old churches and
other buildings, many of them Jesuit. Very cool indeed. Also, I think
because it´s a student town it´s very laid back and relaxed.

Last night we went for dinner, I managed to avoid ham and cheese! Then
we had an early night. Today we are doing a city tour.

The hotel we are staying in is undergoing some major renovations!
It´s a huge place and I think a stunning building, but it´s in bad
condition. It´s old and I think that the last major revamp was
probably in the 80s (judging by the style) so you have a combination
of decay and crumbling building and the tasteless styling combined
with workmen and dust sheets everywhere. It´s bizarre. But it´s sweet
and it´s very central, so I´m not complaining.

I´ll take some pictures today.