British and bored?

Endemol in the UK are filming another season of 'Total Wipeout' in Buenos Aires soon and are looking for UK citizens living here to act as reserves for any contestants that don't make it to Argentina. Mariano, from Endemol, sent me this:
We select our contestants in the UK, but we need to have people based in Buenos Aires, willing to act as stand bys in case anyone can’t make it to Argentina or can’t do the course for any last minute reason. These people must be British Passport holders and over 18 years old. And that is the reason I am contacting you. I am hoping you know some British expats, and that you could spread the word. May be you would be interested. The production team is full of great people, and the actual show is great fun, and a great opportunity to do something completely different, and may be take the ₤10000 prize!! It would be extremely appreciated.  Please contact me at:

Contact Mariano if you fit the bill.