Thursday night was my first back in BA. I should have rested. Instead I went out. I cooked a meal at home... something my body was craving after all the restaurant food we consumed on our trip. After dinner Chris and I went to Thames 878, a divine bar in Palermo. We were meeting Stu & Lu (the guys we met on our excursion into the mountains of Jujuy). I also invited Martin, this guy I met through some professional inquiries a few months back. I'd mentioned on Twitter that we were going and he expressed an interest.

It was a fun night. 878 is very cool indeed, although a bit pricey. It has the feel of a speakeasy, no sign on the door and just a number to indetify it. The cocktail list goes on and on. All very pleasant. We stayed until about 3.30. This city is great, we got cabs within minutes and were home in a flash, something I will miss when back in London.

The next day was quiet and slow. Chris was leaving for Nuequen in the evening. We managed a stroll to Santa Fe to get some money and I bought some DVDs from the lady who sells them on Bulnes. I love that you can buy any title for 10 pesos. I got Sex & The City (for those moments), Rock'n'Rolla and Che.

I tried to watch Mr Ritchies efforts, just not my scene I'm afraid.