The weekend

Chris and his family are away at IguazĂș this weekend so I have the apartment all to myself. It's kind of fun, although I'm starting to feel a little lonely! He he.

On Friday night I went out. I met up with this guy called Marcello, who is here on holiday. We have a mutual friend in London. So we met at Bar 6 and had a beer and then headed to Contramano. It was fun.

Today (Saturday), I woke up early (I'd only got home at 5!) and went for breakfast at a little place two blocks away. I'd seen that they served scrambled eggs. After that I had a few chores to do and then I went to Palermo to do some hopelessly unsuccessful Christmas shopping. I wandered about, looking at things, struggling to commit to any purchases. So, then I stopped for a coke and an ice-cream, delicious.

This afternoon has been domestic. Two loads of laundry, cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, bought some groceries and had a little snooze. My friend, Alejandro is coming over to visit tonight for dinner. I'm making spaghetti bolognese. We might go out afterwards, but will play it by ear.

Chris and Co are back tomorrow morning at 07.00. I guess they are already on the bus.