The weekend

It's been a lazy long weekend. And I'm loving it.

Yesterday, Vlad and Stephen came over and we sat by the pool for a bit. I didn't sit too long as I was due to meet Rhonagh for coffee in town. So I went into town to Café Richmond, I suggested it, knowing it would appeal to Rho's sense of style.

I enjoyed a delicious tostado mixto (ham and cheese, what else), actually it wasn't that delicious, but familiar, and two (yes two) Submarinos. I know, I'm a pig.

Chris cooked steak rolls for the boys.

In the evening we all went to Rho's hostel to have a few drinks with her hostel mates. We left her there and headed to Bulnes Class. I then went to meet another friend (Alejandro). We were going to go to Angels (a club) but decided against it when we had to queue for ages so we just went for a stroll and had a quiet night. It was a complicated night, but a good one nonetheless.

This morning I am just relaxing on the balcony, thinking about how to fill the hours until Madonna tonight. I suspect we'll be walking for miles afterwards, but that's okay.

Just had a rather lovely Skype with Nick in Durban which was a pleasant treat.