Sunday Sunday

So, the family got back on Sunday morning. Around midday we all headed down to San Telmo to look at the market. Mrs C is a big fan of antiques. It pissed down. We haven't had a lot of rain since we've been here but we had quite a bit on Sunday. Thankfully it didn't last and we go a dry patch here and there.

Mrs C made dinner, a delicious chicken curry. So nice to have some spicy food. After a nap I went to meet Alejandro to watch the annual Christmas fireworks, then we both met up with Helen and Chris at Sitges. It was packed. I guess holiday season bring all the tourists. I've never seen it so busy. The poor waiters were run off their feet! Bizarrely Perez Hilton was there. I thought I recognised him, Chris did a quick search online to find pics and we had a match. As we were leaving, Helen spoke to him and confirmed. Hence the picture. Weird huh?

After Sitges we went to Amerika. I'm not really a fan of the club but for some reason last night was really fun. Had a great time. I think we go home at around 5.30 or so! Ho Ho Ho.