Reciprocal tax

So it seems that from the 1 January Argentina will be charging our American (from the US) brothers and sisters an entry tax, equivalent to the tax the US imposes on Argentine's entering it's sacred land. Obviously it seems quite a few expats are somewhat agitated by this as they rely on leaving and re-entering, refreshing their tourist visas, to stay here. It's not clear whether they will have to pay the $134 each time, although I think it's only applied every 5 or 10 years. Other countries are affected too, Australia and Canada for example. British folk won't be charged as they don't charge Argentines for visiting and spending their hard earned money in Britain.

Personally I think any tax of this nature is absurd... surely you want people to visit your country and would encourage tourism? Maybe I'm missing something.

Certainly $134(US) is a lot more for your average Argentine than you average American tourist?