New Years Eve Day

It's New Year's Eve today... we are going to be meeting some friend in Palermo for a few drinks... a good way to see in the New Year. I'm not actually sure of how this city functions tonight so it will be good to see.

Today was not as productive as I would have liked it to be! I had a few administrative things to sort out... finding a new apartment (I need to move on 1 Feb), finalising a few plans for my mother's visit.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

Today I went for a long walk, sat in a coffee shop on my laptop and tried to get things done. It was a bit of a slow start on account of the big night we had last night, unexpectedly.

Nicky, Helen, Chris and this guy from Oz (Peter) went for a drink or two and dinner. Then we ended up at an Irish Pub (I know, I know, I know - you do crazy things when you're abroad. Normally I wouldn't go to an Irish pub but I made the effort on behalf of the ladies with us. It was good fun. I left first and was home at 1.30... the others stayed longer.