It's all the excitement I can handle

We moved! Finally we are out of the horrid apartment. Although I loved the area (Arenales y Ecuador) the apartment was kinda skanky. No light, never felt clean, a kitchen that was unusable. But now we are living in a deluxe apartment in the sky. These things are relative.

Loving the new place. It's at Charcas y Gurruchaga. A different kind of area.

We were only in the apartment for a few hours and I was looking out the window when I saw the oddest thing. One of the huge old Plane trees fell over! It literally just fell across the street, landing on two cars and the security hut for our building. Dangerous! Thankfully no one was hurt but there was a fair amount of excitement.

I'm not sure what caused it to collapse, it was alive and well... it was a windy day.

The local council were on site within 30 mins slicing up the tree and monitoring the damage. Today the Cable TV folk are repairing the damage the collapsed tree did to their wiring. It brought down two "telephone" poles.


Robert said…
Is that Gerard Depardieu?