It takes time to get these things right

So, I had another haircut, my second in the land of mullets. The first time (6 weeks ago) I didn't feel that the barber listened to me and left it too short. Despite hours of snipping away I felt he could have done more. I assumed of course that it was my Spanish that let me down. Also, he didn't use clippers, I'm a bit fan of clippers for men's hair. I was determined to get it right this time.

It isn't a good haircut. I think of like ordering a steak in a new restaurant.

I've had a few steaks in this town and *usually* they are slightly more cooked than they would be in the UK. Like if I order a medium, it comes out medium well, usually. There are a few exceptions, and these catch you off guard. So you'll go to great lengths to get what you want, possibly over-emphasising the amount of time you'd like your meat cooked, only to find that the starting position is the same as you'd get in England. You end up with over cooked meat. My hair is ummm... over cooked.

Convinced I was going to end up with hair longer than I hoped for, I stressed the need for it to be short. Over and over again I made the point. Then when he pulled out the clippers I jumped at the chance to offer a precise description of what I wanted. After all, I know my numbers. Dos, I said. Dos, para a lado (??) and tres para arriba (fluent hey?). In London I always have 2 on the sides and 3 on top. My new haircut is soooo short.

Now, I have a few theories. Zach (my usual barber in London) has been protecting me, and every time I ask for three on top he knows that I don't really know what I'm saying and gives me a 5. Leaving me satisfied, oblivious to the reality of clipper sizes. Or in Argentina a three is shorter than a three in London. Or maybe, the density of long haired men with mullets makes a three on top seem so much more severe.

It took 10 minutes and cost 10 pesos! Bargain.

My scalp is exposed now, I'll need to apply sun cream to my head! I look like a tennis ball. JaJa.