A hot weekend

It's hot again! It's wonderful. I've been totally chilling out. The new apartment is much better for that. I've even swum for the first time! It was great.

On Saturday night, Chris and I went to meet Carmen for a quiet drink. She didn't meet up with us on Friday (as the was the plan) and so we met her and had a little sit and some food in Plaza Serrano. The lovely Nikki joined us, but we were all a little bit jaded from the night before so it was all very subdued! Anyway, it was good to see Carmen and hear of all her adventures around Argentina!

On Sunday, I lay in the sun by the pool. It was divine. I read my book, listened to my iPod - desperately lazy but brilliant. In the afternoon I went to meet Alejandro for a stroll in the Palermo parks... he came back to the flat for a swim and a pizza.