It's interesting experiencing Christmas in a different country... seeing how things differ. It's all about Christmas eve here. Last night we decided to go out. There is a club that was having a party we thought sounded like fun. So we met Nicky in Serrano Square at 11.30... the streets were deserted, no people, no cars, no cabs.

The only people were zombied foreigners wandering around looking for an open bar. We discovered that Mott and Sugar were open. Sugar is popular with foreigners so I was surprised it was open. I'd never been and to be honest we had no choice so we went there for a couple of drinks. Then we went to the Club.

When I left the club at 4 in the morning, things had changed. The streets were packed, the bars and restaurants were open, people everywhere. I suspect people spend the evening with their families and then go out at around 1. I'm sure New Year will be the same.

Today we are having a lazy day, roast turkey later. We had empanadas for lunch and Mrs C is cooking the turkey now. I think a swim would also be a good idea.