When You Are Engulfed in Flames & Blindess

The recent trip has been great for my reading! There is not greater place on earth to read than on Ipanema beach. It's true. Anyway.

I finished the latest David Sedaris, When You Are Engulfed in Flames.I enjoyed it although it wasn't anywhere are satisfying as his earlier books. The book lacked continuity and surprisingly seemed to imply a moral self satisfaction which was surprising. But, I'm being harsh, it was a good read.

Then this afternoon CMC and went to the Ciné Recoleta to watch Blindness. I loved the book (José Saramago) and have been looking forward to the film for ages. I wasn't disappointed, the cinematography and setting are stunning, the grading of the film and the sequences of blindness are haunting. The film also certainly didn't shy away from any of the more gruesome parts of the book.

Setting it in a make believe city (filmed in Sao Paulo but with English, American and British, being spoken created a slightly disturbing sense of discomfort and lack of familiarity or the ability to simply assign the new aesthetic to "foreign".

Also, Mark Ruffalo is pretty to look at.


Justin said…
I postulate that Bondi Beach will be similarly good for reading ... you'll have to come and try it.