Wandering around

Chris and I are in San Telmo again. We popped down, thought it would be good to make a bit of effort and travel from the relative familiarity of Palermo. It's also nice and chilled out here, so pleasant. It's hot again... of course. Standing in the sun for a few moments is enough to drive you insane.

We're staying in the shade as much as possible. We caught the Subte down to Catedral and walked down Defensa. It's good to get out of the apartment, for a fear it is about to explode.

It's appears to be leaking from every possible place. When I mentioned it to a local friend he assured me it was simply part of the Argentine experience. Problem is that the leaking was getting worse and I fear that serious damage was not far off.

It all started with a slow leak in the bathroom sink. This steadily grew to a full flow. We could only stop it by turning off the main water supply tap. This was a fine short term measure, you just had to turn on the main tap every time you needed to shower, wash, poo etc.

The last night we noticed that warm water was dripping out of the bottom of the boiler. This was running all down the kitchen counter and into the lounge! We have been using buckets and bottles to catch the water.

Thankfully the landlord was quick to respond when I called the agency this morning and is (hopefully) fixing the problem as we speak. I do hope so!

We are only in the flat for another week and a day... and most of that time we'll be in Mendoza and Santiago, but still!