Sunday was a good day. For lunch, I went down to the Nature Reserve with my local friend, Alejandro. We had lunch down there, making delicious sandwiches. It was very pleasant, although really really hot. The sun was unforgiving.

After that we walked up to San Telmo so I could say goodbye to Richard Smith. He was at Vlad's for the day as he had to check out of his apartment early. He was flying at 11 that night. We had a little sit and a chat in a little café in San Telmo. Then Alejandro and I went to a free concert at a local church. It was Baroque classical music. Not my usual thing, but I really enjoyed it. It was exceedingly cool indeed.

Then, I went to meet Vlad and Chris who were still in San Telmo and we shared a pizza at Senor Telmo. It was nice and cheap... A good day.