Let’s see some whales

Tomorrow we are going on a little holiday! We are catching a bus at 20.15 in the evening and then 20 hours later (yes, 20!) we’ll be in Trelew in Patagonia. Vlad and David are also going, but they are flying! He He. It’s a luxury bus and I believe very comfortable so I’m rather looking forward to it!
The rough plan is as follows: two full days in Trelew, visiting the Welsh villages and then some whale watching. Then Vlad and David head off to El Calafate and Chris and start making our way back to BA. We are planning on checking out some of the beach towns along the coast, ending up in Mar del Plata (I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m thinking something like Blackpool). We’ll be back in BA in a week, when he head off to Rio! I’m not taking my laptop so blogging might be tricky but I’ll do my best to keep posting while I’m away. And of course I’ll be taking lots of pictures too.


Justin said…
Sounds idyllic -- you'll have to a big blog post when you get back, darl. Jus xo