We're in Santiago! We caught the bus through the Andes. It was amazing. We left Mendoza at 07.30 and started the 7 hour journey up the mountains. The border post is located high in the mountains. Once through we started the long and winding route down. Very steep and very cool indeed. I can only imagine what it is like when there is more snow on the ground, right now we only saw a bit near the peaks.

So far I'm loving Santiago. After finding our accommodation we went for a stroll and enjoyed a delicious lunch in town. It was Saturday afternoon so it all felt kind of chilled out and sleepy, it's hard to tell if that is what Santiago is always like or if it's due to the weekend.

In the evening we went for dinner and a went to an amazing bar called Vox Populi. It had the coolest back garden where we enjoyed a drink. It was great.

Today we are chilling out a bit more and will probably head up to one of the pools at the top of the hill in the middle of town and check out the views. There is supposed to be a pool near the summit. We will see.