Richard is the latest visitor from London... today I met him for lunch in Palermo. We met at 14.00 on the corner of Armenia and Costa Rica. As Richard pointed out, this city is great for creating moments of geographical impossibility. We strolled down to Mott. I had a feeling Richard would like it. It's got that impossibility stylish feel to it... designed and then designed again. We had a good time, perhaps one or two many glasses of white wine.

Then CMC and Vlad joined us and we took a short stroll... only down the road to Quimbobó for a little sit and a look at the view. Cab home and a snooze. Perfect day, almost.


Richard said…
It was a perfect day, thank you!
Justin said…
Possum, how did you get the impossibly glamorous photo to match your post? Jus xo
Andrew Owen said…
Darling, when you're living the glamorous life, the glamorous photos come naturally.