We're in Mendoza, travelling etc has meant that is hasn't been too easy to post daily, sorry for that. What has been going on?

Rhonagh's first night in BsAs was brilliant. We enjoyed delicious empanadas at the apartment, Vlad came over. Then we went into Palermo and met up with some friends at a bar called Limbo. It was cool, some really fun people came along. We ended the night (after a brief stop at Mundo Bizzaro) at a club called Madagascar dancing to Latin beats. Of all the new arrivals, I think Rho has the most impressive stamina.

The next day We had quite a big lunch in El Federal in San Telmo. We caught the bus (micro) that night from Retiro station bus stand. It's a 10 hour bus trip to Mendoza. It was comfy as usual. The oddest thing was the game of bingo that we played, hosted by the waiter dude. A weird little interlude before dinner.

We arrived in Mendoza on Thursday morning at around 9am. It was already scorching. The temperature rose to around 37C! Hot. We spent the early part of the day exploring the town. We only managed to be out for an hour or so, such was the heat. We had lunch in town. Then we did a vineyard tour, or two vineyards. It was fine, kind of lame. It also included an olive oil factory and a weird shop that seems to sell everything.

In the evening we went for dinner at a restaurant called La Barra. A traditional style parrilla. It was divine. Rhonagh had the biggest steak ever. She seemed to like it.

Today, we went white water rafting. It was a weirdly cool day (weird considering the weather yesterday. It was pouring with rain so we weren't sure the event would be happening. Once we'd got into the mountains the rain had stopped but it was still pretty cold. We had to wear wetsuits and protective clothing... the water was cold and greyish brown. It was a far cry from when we rafted in Zambia. Rhonagh opted not to river raft, but sat and enjoyed the setting, reading and snoozing.

In the afternoon we have simply rested in the hostel and cooled down, enjoying the fact that the weather is not scorching.

Tomorrow we are heading to Santiago.