Living the city life

It's a joy to be back in BsAs for a prolonged period again. As much as I enjoyed our brief travels, just being in BsAs give me pleasure. Today I walked up Santa Fe to Palermo (I'm finding with this weather that sometimes it's easier to walk than to catch the Subte). I was due to meet my friend, Janer, from a language exchange website. He has an interview soon and is trying to brush up on his English. Annoyingly there was some confusion about the time, so we didn't meet. We're going to try again tomorrow.

After that I took a slow stroll back down Santa Fe, popping into a shop or two. I need to buy some new clothes... slowly but surely all mine are shrinking (such is the tender care afforded by the laundry services in BsAs). I'm not going to buy anything now though, I'm waiting until we move and have our own laundry room. That way I can try to prevent further shrinkage. Thankfully BsAs is a very casual city (it's big enough not to have to pretend it's smart)... so I should be okay with some new t-shirts etc.

Then this afternoon Vlad and David popped by (they were in the neighbourhood) and we enjoyed some delicious muffins they bought. After that I went out to see Maxi, my first Argentine friend. It was fun... now I'm home considering a few cocktails with V, D and CMC. It's a lifestyle.