The sun came out! We woke up this morning to dazzling blue skies and glorious sun. We went straight to Ipanema and spent the day chilling out, watching the world go by. Predictably Sunday is a big beach day so it was really busy with plenty to see. We rented our little deck chairs and brollie from a man called Lucas and he kept bringing us water and other refreshments. I drank a coconut while Vlad, David and Chris went for a swim. Such a pleasant way yo spend the day.

Last night we went out. We went for dinner locally and had "local" food... all very tasty indeed. Shredded beef and pumpkin for Chris and I, Vlad had a steak and David a kind of mixed grill thing. Then we decided to venture out of Ipanema... we're so sad. We got a cab to Lapa which is a big buzzing party area near Centro. As soon as we arrived I kind of knew it wasn't my scene. It was very loud, all the clubs blaring out loud music, people everywhere.. hectic. The cab driver even warned us to be careful when we got out the car!

After a few minutes of orientating ourselves we decided to grab a beer and sit at one of the roadside bars. We just couldn't bear the thought of going into any of the REALLY loud venues, such bad music. When we tried to settle, some folk came up and were hassling us, begging and loitering, it was quite unpleasant. So we walked a bit more and bought beer from a vendor. By this time we had acquired a young kid who was persistent in begging from us, constantly hassling us and getting in the way. He followed us all over. It was terribly. I felt really sorry for him but couldn't relax with him continually pulling our arms, poor Vlad got the most of his attention. So we jumped in a cab and headed back to Ipanema. We're such girls! The relative familiarity and safety of Ipanema was like heaven. We spent the rest of the evening at Boy Bar where they had a VJ showing music videos that we liked. Talk about being outside one's comfort zones. Tonight we're going for dinner in Leblon.


Justin said…
Well, sounds like Ipanema is the one for us.