Wow, it's hot in Buenos Aires. Now I don't want to sound all wussy but it's very hot! So hot. I understand that it's unusually hot for this time of year but that it will also be much hotter later in the summer. I need to devise a strategy for managing the heat... loin cloth maybe?

Last night Chris and went out for dinner with Robin and John from Spanish school. We went to the Thai restaurant in Las Canitas. It was great to have some spicy food although it was kind of pricey. Afterwards we all went to Sitges and watched the most appalling drag act ever. I think this one queen might actually think she is Cher. She also did one song which featured a video montage of every TV appearance she's ever had! Talk about vanity. Such a dull show. I felt bad dragging John and Robin there...

Today I had a Spanish lesson, we went to Café Richmond on Florida. I do like it there. I have another lesson on Tuesday.


Justin said…
Possum, yes less clothing, more cotton and linens, and loose clothing. Or alternatively, waft in around in a Speedo or boardshorts as Aussies do.