Wednesday night : Cluny

Last night we went for dinner with Vlad and one of his classmates, Joel. It was one of the less successful nights out. It was very low key and we were really just looking for a casual laid back meal. I have learnt in this town that it is best to know where you are going when food is concerned. It's quite difficult to have good meals randomly. There are lots of restaurants, lots excellent and lots not excellent.

We had planned to go to la Cabrera which has a great reputation but it was full so we wandered deeper into Palermo and tried Bar 6 which was also full. So we decided to try Cluny on on El Salvador. It was shit. Very over designed and very poncy. The food was average and over-priced. I had a rib eye (ojo de bife), it was just a huge slab of flesh, badly overcooked and very pricey. We ordered a bottle of the house red, usually a good option in this town. The wine was fine but for a price. It cost AR$125 per bottle! That may not seem like a lot in pounds but it's way more than we've paid before. When we're "pushing the boat out" we'll pay around AR$70 for a bottle but usually settle around AR$30 or AR$40! The service was surly and needlessly pretentious. I don't think we'll be rushing back.

The only highlight was the people watching, a very "media" crowd with one particular diner - plastic surgeried to within a scalpel blade of her life.

Tonight is a quiet night in, studying for the exam tomorrow.

Cluny, El Salvador 4618