Vlad was moving today so I went out to help him. It was quite cool walking up Avenida Santa Fe early in the morning, quiet and empty. Although I hasten to add that early in the morning on a Sunday in BA is 10am! I saw Vlad across town to his new apartment in San Telmo. It’s really lovely. Charming and I suspect very comfortable.

After that I popped into a gorgeous confiteria on the way home and got some compulsory media lunas and other pastries (facturas). Then Chris and I went to discover the parks of Palermo. Our new flat is very dark and although it was a gorgeous day, you wouldn’t know it when indoors. Somehow I think the next two months are going to be about going out rather than staying – at least during the day.

We strolled up along Arenales and through Parque Las Heras. It was kind of stinky, too much dog poo I think. We carried on walking and came to the beautiful Plaza Alemania. It was stunning, very manicured and calm. We sat there for a while before heading to the Japanese Garden. AR$10 later we were exploring that. It was fine. I mean, it’s beautiful but if you’re not into the Japanese garden aesthetic (I am not) it’s just a busy garden really. It’s clearly very popular and is well maintained and managed. I was more interested in the stunning apartment buildings bordering the garden which must offer magnificent views across all the parks of that area.

Eventually we settled on a quiet spot (outside the Japanese garden) and lay by the lake. I think I fell asleep for a bit. It was a very relaxing was to spend a bit time. The park was getting quite busy when we left and all the way along Avenida del Libertador people were sunning themselves. It was a gorgeous day.

Now Chris has gone down to San Telmo to visit Vlad and I am having a quiet night in, school tomorrow and I’m feeling quite tired so will take it easy.