Sunday in the Park with Chris

A wonderfully lazy day today. I love it. Chris and I slept late (who knew that the clocks went back last night! He He). I popped down to the little grocer, the man was teasing me because I could say the word from grapes clearly! He’s sweet. Then CMC and went to the Botanic Gardens and lay in the sun. I read my book and Chris listened to his iPod. It was a glorious way to spend the day. I feel recharged now. Tonight we’re meeting the girls from school and going to Karaoke at Sitges bar! Should be fun I think. The Norwegians are dead keen to sing and considering what a hit they were last time we took them there, the thought of them singing is hilarious.


Justin said…
What is the word for grapes then? Curious minds want to know. Jus xo