Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sunday in the Park with Chris

A wonderfully lazy day today. I love it. Chris and I slept late (who knew that the clocks went back last night! He He). I popped down to the little grocer, the man was teasing me because I could say the word from grapes clearly! He’s sweet. Then CMC and went to the Botanic Gardens and lay in the sun. I read my book and Chris listened to his iPod. It was a glorious way to spend the day. I feel recharged now. Tonight we’re meeting the girls from school and going to Karaoke at Sitges bar! Should be fun I think. The Norwegians are dead keen to sing and considering what a hit they were last time we took them there, the thought of them singing is hilarious.

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Justin said...

What is the word for grapes then? Curious minds want to know. Jus xo

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