So young

Last night we went for drinks with some folk from school. I arranged to meet at a bar in Palermo at 21.30. We decided to go to a bar called Mundo Bizarro. It was cool, although in typical fashion it was totally empty (apart from us) for several hours. Then it slowly started getting busier, just as we were ready to leave.

It was fun to meet some of the other folk at the school, although they are all so young! Makes me feel old... he he. We were home at around 12.30 so really early in BA.

Tonight everyone is going to a nightclub that they get free access to (from the school). I’m not sure it’s our scene so doubt we’ll go, but you never know.

After school today, we went to a little restaurant near our apartment for lunch. I had beef medallions cooked in a kind of cheese sauce. It was delicious, although quite heavy for lunch time. Later today we are going to look at a potential apartment for Dec and January, tonight, dinner with Vlad.