Quick Update

Only a quick update today, quite busy for some reason.

Last night Chris and I stayed in. We spent part of the afternoon in a coffee shop enjoying the spectacular weather. Then I went for a stroll and we had dinner in the flat. Second day of our new teacher at school and it's taking a bit to get used to her, but it is our second last week. I am thinking about doing more, but maybe with a private teacher. We'll see.

This afternoon I started Yoga! Leslie (my instructor) does it in her apartment in Las CaƱitas. It's on the 15th floor and offers spectacular views across the city. All very nice indeed. It was quite a stretch but I enjoyed it, will be going back next week too. I'm doing 4 private lessons and then might join her classes. We'll see.

Tonight, we are going for drinks with some of the folk from the school. I arranged it! We're going to a place that Vlad has been to and liked called Mucho Bizarro in Palermo Viejo. I am not sure who is coming so I hope we have a good turn out.

So between, school, yoga, dinner and tonight I need to find some time to do my homework. I'm going to do it now.